Why We Created Bubhopal

We created Bubhopal.com to help small business owners learn about the many different technology and software they available to them for use in their business. Any business owner both small and large has to make many decisions throughout the day. We are here to help make your technology and software decisions a little bit easier by providing high quality reviews and information regarding the latest developments in the industry.

Our passion for helping business owners started many years ago when our founder M. J. W. Smith started his first business in the mid 90s. This was when the internet and personal computers were first starting to get big and the average small business owner, without the help of a highly paid consultant which most can afford starting out, had a difficult time finding quality information and assistance for which machines to buy and hope to make the leap from pad an pen accounting to working with computers and using programs like Turbo Tax. Because of this many people were very hesitant to join the 20th century and it wasn’t until after the .com bubble and the early 2000s did higher quality options become available to the average small business CEO.

Even after the 2000s good advice and help was hard to find. That is why when he decided to start Bubhopal.com. Bubhopal.com is a dream many years in the making with a simple virtuous goal of helping the uninformed and inexperienced CEO navigate the sometimes overwhelming waters of the small business technology and software landscape. In short, there is still a large need for simple and carefully thought out guides and suggestions for small business owners to find what they need without wasting to much time.

Trust is a very important factor in any business relationship and nobody understands that more then we do. This is why we guarantee to never make a penny from any of the products or brands we review. Our website survives from banner advertisement alone and private consulting partnerships. This helps us guarantee an honest and transparent relationship with you, our reader. As a guest to our website we promise to be upfront and honest with all of our product reviews and suggestions. Your trust to us is of upmost importance and we guarantee to never lead you astray.

We hope you enjoy our website and find our information useful and informative. To suggest a topic or to request information about our private consulting please send us a message using our contact form.