Quickbooks: Best Accounting Software Ever or Is It All Hype?

Intuit has been an industry leader in the software space for 30 years. From Turbotax to Quickbooks everybody has heard their name, but is Quickbooks all its cracked up to be?

Intuit has been in the market of creating software since the beginning, and along with that time comes experience and understanding of their customers needs. They have a great reputation for listening to their customers feedback and responding to it appropriately by making small changes each year to improve user experience and ease of use.

There are three different versions of Quickbooks Online and the best part is that one offers a free 30 day trial so there is no risk at all in trying one of the best and well knows business book keeping software around.

Quickbooks comes in three different versions:

Simple Start: For only $10 per month you can be off to the races. Simple Starts targeted user is a very small business. With it you can link your bank account and add-on many different applications and extensions. The ability to add-on options keeps your interface simple and clean without being cluttered up with options that you don’t need or use. Simple Start also allows you to create estimates and invoices, and also keep track of your expenses and income.

Essentials: For only $7 more per month you can upgrade to the Essentials package. It can do everything that Simple Start can but it also includes the ability to keep track of time, pay bills, and even add three additional users. This is a very cost beneficial way of allowing access to a bookkeeping software to more then one user.

Plus: Coming to a grand total of $30 per month, the Plus package can do everything that Simple Start and the Essentials plan can as well as prepare 1099s, keep track of projects, and it even offers inventory tracking. At this point Quickbooks is more then just a simple book keeping software, but more like a full fledge business suite. Not a bad value for $30 per month.

Intuit has a very high reputation in the small business community and by now I’m sure your starting to see why. There are very few downsides to their Quickbooks platform, but one that it does have is a lack of an integrated payroll. It is available but you do have to pay extra. This may make the product more expensive then other products in the same category, but don’t forget its ease of use and very simple interface. The Quickbooks payroll add on also allows payroll in 50 states. This may be lacking in some of their competitors.

Some people may also suggest that their online help area could be better then what it is. A large help area may seem like a necessity but Quickbooks is so simple to use that it practically guides you through whatever you are trying to do by itself. They also have an excellent phone support system that I have used myself. They are quick to connect you to the right agent and are very knowledgeable in their product. This is one of the pros of working with such a large software company. Phone support is excellent.

Quickbooks also has an excellent report generation program. Its very easy to use and my favorite part is that for whatever report you are trying to create the chances are they have a very useable template already ready for you. If you need more information then whats in the template no worries. You can very easily add custom fields such as account numbers, tax information, a general note, ect. This is really where Quickbooks excels, in saving you time and headache which no business owner needs more of.



There is no doubt about it. Quickbooks has certainly earned its place as one of the most popular book keeping software around and it has been on the market for decades. The key benefit, in my personal experience using the software, is its simplicity and intuitive ness (pun intended). If you still need help, no problem at all, just call their 1-800 number and you will quickly be connected to a very knowledgable and helpful support provider. Its like having your own accounting consultant right there on the phone 24/7.

With such a small initial investment and even a 30 free trial, what do you have to lose?

I highly recommend giving Quickbooks a try. Its the best beginner accounting software on the market by far in my opinion.





Terrence Miller

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